Characterization of polymers and biopolymers using Size Exclusion Chromatography GPC/SEC/GFC [TR-17E]

The main goal is to provide participants with an extensive overview about the characterization of macromolecules with liquid chromatography including possible hyphenation techniques.

Target Group:
Laboratory managers, laboratory personnel and scientific staff, knowledge of instrumental analysis would be an advantage but not a prerequisite.


  • What are the peculiarities involved in the characterization of macromolecules?
  • Introduction and basics of GPC/SEC/GFC : Separation mechanism, Experimental aspects with some useful applications.
  • How to choose the right column? Method development.
  • Detection techniques, from concentration to light-scattering detection (molar mass-sensitive detection) and triple detection.
  • Calibration of GPC / SEC / GFC systems.
  • Strategies toward the characterization of complex products by means of copolymer analysis and/or branching analysis, 2-dimensional separations and new detection techniques, e.g. Mass spectrometry.
  • Application examples from protein analysis, pharmaceutical/medical engineering, product approval (REACH and others) and chemical industry (R&D and QC).


Interactive lectures with participants, discussion of some application-related examples.

Termin Eigenschaften

Datum 19.09.2019 09:00 - 19.09.2019 17:00
Einzelpreis Individual members CHF 600.00, Non-members CHF 750.00, Students/PhD Students/retired CHF 320.00
Referent Dr. Haitham Barqawi, Analytical Polymer Chemist, PSS Polymer Standards Service
Kurssprache English
DAS-Kurse Olten (Angestellte Schweiz)
Martin Disteli-Strasse 9, 4600 Olten, Schweiz
DAS-Kurse Olten (Angestellte Schweiz), Olten

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