Introduction to Gas Chromatography [TR-4E]

You will be familiar with the fundamentals of gas chromatography and understand how chromatographic conditions are optimized for best separations. The acquired know-how provides the basis for proper and efficient development of robust GC methods.

Target Group:
Users with little experience who want to gain or add to their basic knowledge on GC.

QA-managers monitoring GC methods and results.


  • Mechanism of gas chromatography
  • Design of a gas chromatograph; the GC separation column
  • Influence of oven temperature and carrier gas properties on the separation efficiency
  • Proper selection of chromatographic conditions
  • Choice of injectors and detectors
  • Qualitative and quantitative GC analysis
  • Method development

Lectures, calculations on sample chromatograms, discussion of selected applications.

Propriétés de l'événement

Date de l'événement 24.09.2019 09:00 - 25.09.2019 17:00
Prix individuel Individual members CHF 1,130.00, Non-members CHF 1,350.00, Students/PhD Students/retired CHF 600.00
Enseignant Maurus Biedermann, Kantonales Laboratorium Zürich
Langue de cours English
DAS-Kurse Olten (Angestellte Schweiz)
Martin Disteli-Strasse 9, 4600 Olten, Schweiz
DAS-Kurse Olten (Angestellte Schweiz), Olten

Carte de localisation

Weiterbildung SCG/DAS | ℅ Eawag | Überlandstrasse 133 | CH-8600 Dübendorf
+41 (0)58 765 52 00 |