Sample preparation methods for environmental organic chemical analysis [PEAK-DAS_SCG B30/21]

In cooperation with the Eawag PEAK (practise oriented Eawag courses)



The course enables participants to learn key sample preparation methods used in the analysis of organic chemicals in various environmental matrices, including water, sediments and biota. Participants will also learn how sample preparation is applied and optimized to answer specific questions in research or applications.


For whom 
The course targets professionals (e.g., technicians and research staff) and students interested in learning about environmental sample treatment methods applied before organic chemical analysis.


Course Subjects 
• General considerations and critical concepts for sampling and sample preparation

• Considerations in sample preparation for targeted versus non-targeted analysis

• Methods used in the treatment of water samples

• Methods used in the treatment of sediments and biota

• Quality control during sample preparation

• Sample treatment case studies from research projects


Online Participation (optional)
Participation in the course via internet using video conferencing is possible. Technical requirements are an internet connection – broadband wired or wireless, speakers, and a microphone. Details are available upon registration.


More information and registration
PEAK-DAS/ SCS B30/21 Sample preparation methods for environmental organic chemical analysis

Termin Eigenschaften

Datum 16.03.2021 09:00 - 16.03.2021 17:00
Referent Dr. Kasia Arturi, Eawag; Dr. Claudia Coll, Eawag; Prof. Dr. Kathrin Fenner, University of Zürich, Eawag; Dr. Qiuguo Fu, Eawag; Dr. Martin Jones, Eawag; Dr. Tarek Manasfi, Eawag; Dr. Lena Schinkel, Eawag; Heinz Singer, Eawag
Kurssprache English
Eawag Wasserforschungsinstitut
Überlandstrasse 133
Eawag Wasserforschungsinstitut, Dübendorf

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