Diploma in Chemistry, University of Bern, Gas-phase ion rearrangements analyzed by tandem MS

PhD in Natural Sciences, University of Bern, A hybrid BE-Quistor-Quadrupole MS

Postdoc, University of Texas, Houston, Analysis of proteins using cf-FAB, ESI and MALDI

 Sabbatical, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, San Diego, CA, US, Proteomics of stress response in zebrafish


Core Competence

Mass spectrometry, ultratrace MS analysis, stress response analyzed by proteomics, metabolomics and internal chemicals concentration



Sailing, fotography, drawing








Swiss Chemical Society, DAS Further Education, Haus der Akademien, Laupenstrasse 7, Postfach, 3001 Bern
+41 (0)77 501 84 33 |